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Providing support to parents-to-be, as well as help to prepare for birth and life with a newborn.



We’ve tried to include the most commonly asked questions – and the answers – in this section. Feel free to contact us if you still have questions!


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There’s a lot of information out there about pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and virtually every aspect of becoming a parent.


Classes & Programs

Having a baby is a big step, and can sometimes be overwhelming. To provide support to parents-to-be, as well as help to prepare for birth and life with a newborn, EAMC offers a variety of helpful classes and shares information about other education opportunities.

Classes and Programs

Breastfeeding Preparation

This is a targeted class teaching the basics of breastfeeding a baby and designed for expectant mothers who are interested in learning more about breastfeeding. Class includes information about techniques and methods, storing milk, and hints for working mothers. The class is taught by Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC’s)

The Lactation Resource Center - 3rd Floor of East Alabama Medical Center

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Breastfeeding Support Group

This group provides a comfortable place for breastfeeding mothers to share ideas as well as seek emotional support. An infant weight scale is available at each session for mothers who wish to track their baby’s weight gain.

When: Meets each Thursday
Time: noon – 2 p.m.; may drop in anytime and you may bring your lunch.
***No registration required
3rd Floor Dayroom - East Alabama Medical Center

BabyGym and Water Babies

see HealthPlus Fitness Web Site

Childbirth Classes

Area childbirth classes
(The following education providers are not affiliated with East Alabama Medical Center. East Alabama Medical Center has listed these for information only, and does not necessarily endorse the content or quality of the services offered by these providers.)

East Alabama Women’s Clinic
Childbirth classes (open to all expecting parents)
When: Saturday (one day class) from 9 am – 5 pm (call for dates class is offered)
Cost: $100.00
For class dates or to register, call Jenny Corley, RN, at (334) 749-0390.

The Birth Village Class Comprehensive Preparation for Birth and Baby

  • Revolving‐door admissions. It can be hard to schedule a childbirth class; by the time you know you need one, it may be too late to enroll before your baby is born. With the revolving‐door concept, a mother and her chosen birth companion may enter the class at any point, making the timing convenient for everyone.
  • Multiple Teachers. The Birth Village class is taught by three local doulas and childbirth educators, each trained by a different certifying organization. The benefit of this is a very broad, all‐encompassing perspective that cannot be found in any other course.
  • In every class, new parents will learn comfort and progress techniques for labor in addition to exploring the topic of the evening.
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Small Wonders Program

The Alabama Medicaid Maternity Care Program is designed to ensure that every Medicaid-eligible pregnant woman has access to medical care, with the goal of lowering Alabama’s infant mortality rate and improving maternal and infant health.

The Small Wonders Program of Maternity Services of District 11, LLC coordinates the service delivery system for recipients who reside in Barbour, Chambers, Lee, Macon, and Russell Counties.

Recipients must enroll in the Small Wonders Program and receive care from a provider in our network for Medicaid to cover services and care received during pregnancy, delivery, and the post-partum period.

The Small Wonders Program can be contacted through our toll free number 1-877-503-2259 or (334) 528-6830.

Baby Walk

Come spend an hour with us and learn about what you can expect when delivering in a baby-friendly environment. We will discuss such things as where and when to go to the hospital, creating that special mother-infant bond through Skin-to-Skin time, "Quiet Time", and visitation hours during your stay with us. We will continue our journey with a tour of the Childbirth Unit and complete our walk on Mother-Baby Unit. During the tour we will share with you what to expect at each stage of this wonderful experience.

So put your walking shoes on and let’s go!

Baby Walk 2016 Class Brochure
Baby Walk 2015 Class Brochure

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We’ve tried to include the most commonly asked questions – and the answers – in this section. Feel free to contact us if you still have questions!

East Alabama Medical Center is located at 2000 Pepperell Parkway, Opelika, AL 36801. You can click here for directions.
We recommend that you park in our visitor parking lot or parking deck on the right-hand side as you drive onto the EAMC campus from Pepperell Parkway. You may enter through the main lobby of the hospital. DO NOT enter through the Emergency Department.

If you do not feel you can walk to Labor and Delivery, which is located on the 3rd floor, please ask for a wheelchair. Please ask for immediate assistance if your water has broken, you are in severe pain or you have heavy bleeding.

We encourage you to bring any items that will help you stay focused and relaxed during labor, including healthy snack foods, toiletries, a breast feeding pillow, sleepwear and changes of clothes (don’t forget about clothes for dad!). You should leave all of your jewelry and money—except for small amounts for miscellaneous purchases — at home, because we cannot be responsible for looking after valuable items. However, our staff can help you make arrangements to leave valuables in the hospital safe if you wish.

Other suggested items are:

  • Items for comfort such as your own pillow, music, hard candy, lip balm
  • Camera with fully charged battery and adapter
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Personal grooming items
  • Comfortable robe and house shoes
  • Loose fitting clothing for the ride home
  • Several outfits for the baby
  • Baby car seat
  • Baby blankets
  • Extra room in your suitcase or an extra bag to take home any baby gifts
  • Insurance card
  • All medications in original containers
  • Pediatrician name and contact information
  • Sanitary pads of your choice
  • Personal undergarments such as nursing bra
If a Cesarean birth is necessary, we have two fully equipped surgical suites within the Women’s and Children’s Center, and all of the team members needed to perform the procedure are always available at a moment’s notice.
If your baby requires any special medical attention during or after birth, he or she will receive expert, one-on-one care by the highly trained members of our Level II neonatal intensive care nursery, and then will be brought to your room as soon as possible.
Our entire staff is expertly trained to ensure the safety of you, your baby and all guests in our Women’s and Children’s Center. All babies and parents are given matching identification bracelets, which are checked frequently by our staff. Our staff members wear specially designed EAMC name badges that have a unique emblem that is shared with you on admission.
Because skin-to-skin contact between new babies and their parents is so important, we allow and strongly encourage you to keep your baby in the room with you throughout your stay.
Yes. Once you and your new baby have adjusted, you will be transferred to our Mother/Baby Unit (also on the third floor). From here, you will be discharged approximately 48 hours after your birth experience. All rooms on the Mother-Baby Unit are private rooms, with bath and sleeping accommodations for the new dad/co-parent. The Mother-Baby Unit helps each new mother transition from the birth experience to becoming a new mom, and proudly supports each transition with care, guidance, and ongoing new parent education.
Yes, you can make long distance calls from your room, but you’ll need to use a calling card.
Yes, cell phones can be used when and where it’s appropriate, but we ask that you always be considerate of your neighbors in nearby rooms when making calls.
Yes, wireless Internet is available throughout East Alabama Medical Center.
Visiting hours on the Mother-Baby Unit are 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., and from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. For the safety and security of our patients, we ask that all visitors stop and register at the reception desk, located across from the elevators on the third floor, prior to visiting friends and family.

We have Quiet Time from 2-4 p.m. in order to give new families a rest period before the evening hours. Visiting is limited during this time.

If you’d like to contact a patient at the Pregnancy & Birth Center, please call (334) 528-1260 and we’ll connect you to the appropriate room. Because we always respect the privacy of our patients, information such as the baby’s sex and weight will not be given by a member of our staff unless the parents instruct us to do so.

Do you need more information?

We tried to include information about every facet of pregnancy and childbirth at EAMC on our web site, but if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us and we will respond within 48 hours.